A career in a truly
international firm

Joining Sheltons means being part of a young and energetic international team located in four different countries, sharing common passions and values.

Sheltons is a specialist accounting and business advisory firm working exclusively with internationally operating businesses. We are very specialised in the areas of international tax advisory, international tax training, and corporate law advisory, with offices located in Copenhagen, Malta, Sydney, London and, in the near future, also in Milan.

At Sheltons, we cultivate a professional attitude and a flat and open organisation. The atmosphere in the office is cooperative, congenial and positive.

Sheltons Malta offers the opportunity of advancement in an international environment. We offer the possibility to collaborate closely with colleagues from different fields of work, while specialising on a technical area that one enjoys.


What to expect at an interview?

Our recruitment process is simple and easy. It aims to be a two-way conversation that allows you to learn more about the role and the firm and provides an opportunity for us to talk to you about your experience and assess your capabilities for the role you’d be taking on.

You should start by sending us your CV by email together with a covering letter in English language, which we will duly acknowledge. In case of interest from our side, you will be invited either for a face-to-face interview or, if that is not possible, to a video interview call. All you need to take the interview is a video-enabled device such as a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

The first interview process typically takes no longer than 20 minutes.

If you meet the criteria requested for the role you have applied for, and the first interview goes well, the partner(s) in charge, or our hiring manager, will review your application before a decision is taken about the next stage. This typically means a second interview or, in some cases, online tests which you can take from home.

You will then receive an email from one of our team, informing you whether you have been successful or not.

You may wish to note the following 10 points to which we give special consideration, not only in an interviewee but also in members of our staff:

1. Professionalism
2. Ethics
3. Team spirit
4. Sense of responsibility
5. Responsiveness
6. Flexibility
7. Ability to cooperate with others under stress
8. Client service approach
9. Punctuality
10. Sense of humour

Frequently asked interview questions about our Malta office

Here are some of the common questions we receive from prospective candidates during an interview, followed by a short answer:

What are the chances of an internship or secondment opportunity to other Sheltons offices?

All Sheltons offices operate very much on the same line. Having common software, rules and procedures, allows us to provide our clients with the same level of service and consistency in all offices. This also means that, once a person has become accustomed working in one office, it is much easier to move to another office and still be able to contribute productively. Reality is never that simple, but the opportunity is there and is not uncommon.

How is the daily interaction with colleagues from other Sheltons offices?

Apart from our regular internal group calls, we do work regularly with colleague from other offices on clients we might have in common. We at Sheltons encourage international interactions between colleagues above all else.

What type of culture exists in the office in Malta?

When choosing a new colleague, we are particularly careful to maintain the cultural balance at the office. Having a rather flat organizational structure means everyone gets to interact closely with everyone else. Above all, we consider our colleagues as friends, both at work and outside the office. The ages of our colleagues range between 25 and 60 years, with an average age of around 35 years. This young office environment allows us to maintain a very active social side, with corporate social events being organized regularly throughout the year.

Why do we place so much emphasis on the English language (and much less so on Maltese)?

At Sheltons, we have a great appreciation for languages and are very proud of the number of languages we can speak, Maltese being one of them. However, all communication at the office is restricted to English. When it comes to communication with international clients, we are expected to have an advanced mastery of the English language.

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