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Working exclusively with internationally operating businesses for more than two decades has resulted in our team playing a leading role in the formation of several hundred entities – companies, general and limited partnership, trusts and other entities – in many countries throughout the world.

During our many years of experience in establishing Maltese companies and partnerships for foreign-based businesses, we have developed and fine-tuned our systems and procedures, enabling us to provide efficient and reliable services in this sector.

Example of services offered:

Legal & tax risks and compliance

Before setting up the company or any other entity, we are almost always consulted with reference to the selection of the right legal form as well as on the relevant business tax conservations of each legal form.

Our extensive international experience built up over the past two decades means we are often quite familiar with the shareholders’ jurisdictions and the shareholding entity – whether it be a Delaware LLC, a German GmbH, an Indian Pvt Ltd, a Brazilian Limitada, a UK LLP, a Dutch closed CV, etc.

Apart from our expertise in establishing new entities, we are also very experienced in the field of liquidations and winding up.

Our compliance services cover areas such as personal and company tax return preparation and reviewing assessment notices, obtaining tax residence certificates, obtaining tax clearance certificates, administration of payroll taxes and national insurance contribution, administration of stamp duty and customs, VAT return preparation, registration of shareholders for refunds and procedures for requesting such refunds.

Corporate set-up, administration & management, including company directorship

When a foreign-based business establishes a Maltese company, some time would have to pass before the new company has its own premises and own senior staff in Malta.

We provide not only the registered office but we can, at the client’s request, also arrange for the appointment of a local director, either as a natural person or even as a corporate entity.

Even when the entity has its own premises in Malta, the client often prefers that we continue to provide the registered office in order to ensure that important mail, often of legal importance, is handled professionally and with the appropriate degree of confidentiality.

Secretarial Services

Maltese companies require the appointment of a person to hold office as a ‘company secretary’, unlike other jurisdictions (such as the UK and Australia) it is not possible to waive this requirement.

We can arrange for the appointment of a Maltese resident professional company secretary.

The role of the company secretary is that of ensuring good governance and compliance with the Companies Act.

Although the individual does not necessarily need to be resident in Malta and does not need to have any minimum academic or professional requirement, it is the responsibility of the directors to ensure that the company secretary appears to have the requisite knowledge and experience to carry out this role.

Our services covering this appointment include: attending to all shareholder and directors meetings, preparing all necessary resolutions, updating of registers, such as the shareholder and director registers, and filing all required forms and documents with the Maltese registrar of companies (the ROC).

Any documentation submitted to any authority here in Malta needs to be drawn up in English. However, should the client request that he documents are also provided in his native language which is other than English, we are able to obtain translations accordingly.

Our two decades of experience in forming and administering entities has resulted in the development of extensive knowledge, systems, models, and routines in this regard.


An ever-increasing number of jurisdictions have enacted legal frameworks for the continuation or redomiciliation of corporate entities from one jurisdiction of another, thereby ensuring the continuation of the corporate existence of the migrating entity.

We have assisted a considerable number of clients to re-domiciliate their corporate entity to Malta, ensuring a seamless process both during and after the redomiciliation process.

Banking advisory and account opening

When we set up a business for a client, we are almost always asked to attend to all necessary (regular) registrations as well as to assist with the setting up of a bank account, obtaining credit cards, etc. Often, we also assist with obtaining merchant facilities for the company in order to receive credit card payments or to register the company with a payment service provider.

We typically split our assistance with a bank account opening process into four steps.

The identification phase

During this phase, we identify a suitable bank for the client. This is typically done free of charge in more straightforward cases, however, in more complex cases, we may well need to invest more time in evaluating and advising the options available.

The introduction phase

During this very delicate phase, we introduce the client to the bank and it is typically at this point that we would be informed whether the bank is willing to accept the client or not.

The application phase

Once the bank gives us their in-principle approval, we commence with the filling out of the applications and the collection of the relevant due diligence. Here, we typically have discussions with the bank to determine the due diligence they would require and will proceed with collecting the relevant documents and signatures.

The final phase

Once the bank account is active, we make arrangements for internet banking and for any credit/debit cards which may have been requested.

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