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Our Expatriates Tax Guide focuses on information typically sought by businesses when sending their staff overseas to work. It is therefore aimed at providing information which is relevant to both the employer, as well as focusing on the tax complexities and challenges which the employees themselves would face in a foreign country.

Topics covered: Relocation information, visa/residence requirements, taxation of Malta sourced income, taxation of foreign sourced income, taxation of capital gains, tax treaty application with source country, social security, taxation of fringe benefits including employee share options programs, exit tax upon termination of residence, inheritance taxation and taxation of pensions.

Working and living in Malta offers great opportunities both professionally and for personal growth. However, like with any other country, the life of an expatriate in Malta is not without its challenges, including the need to understand and comply with Maltese tax and social security requirements. Similarly, a foreign employer will undoubtedly want to ensure that their income tax, social security and labour law requirements are fully adhered to when operating in a foreign country.

How can our team assist expatriates and foreign employers of Maltese expatriates?

Should you, as an expat be contracted as an employee, a self-employed or should you operate your own company? – Our advisors have assisted numerous expats in carrying out a cost-benefit analysis aimed at making a decision taking into considering the risks, costs, as well as the tax advantage of the alternative setups.

Should the employer merely register as an employer in Malta, setup a branch (permanent establishment) or are there other options available? – We have assisted numerous foreign employers in understanding the compliance obligations in Malta and ultimately help them decide which model of operations best fits the culture, activities and circumstances of that particular employment.

Which residence visa program should you, as an expat consider? – This kind of decision depends very much on the specific circumstances of the individual person as well as his family members.

How should expats structure their assets and income in order to take the full benefits of the Maltese tax regime for expats? – Our tax specialists have significant international experience and can work very closely also with advisors in other jurisdictions. We are therefore typically able to offer a holistic approach to tax planning, covering both Maltese tax rules but also the tax rules of the country where income generating assets are located.

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